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Engaging, Educating, and Elevating Black Communities for Civic Inclusion & Impact

The BAPAC SD Foundation is a nonprofit promoting civic engagement, voter education, and community development for the Black community in San Diego. We provide resources, support voter registration, and advocate for policies addressing Black community needs. Through education, projects, and collaboration, we aim to empower and strengthen the Black community, while also raising funds for Black initiatives and advocating for equity and inclusion.


Empowering Communities
through Advocacy

It’s our mission to work for the maximum effective representations of Black people in the political, economic, and educational systems of San Diego County. BAPAC SD strives to provide a forum for members to identify issues, and find solutions to issues related to jobs, education, and healthcare. We will continue to define ways and means for additional political and community empowerment. BAPAC  has numerous community events in San Diego. Get involved with BAPAC by attending our general body meetings each month. Become a member and volunteer with us. 

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Our housing initiative aims to address disparities in housing access and affordability in the black community by advocating for fair housing policies, promoting homeownership, and supporting affordable housingto ensure stable, thriving communities.


Our initiative aims to provide equitable access to quality education and holistic development opportunities for the black community, fostering their academic success, personal growth, and future goals.

Voter Registration

Our campaign goal is to educate students about the importance of civic participation and voting
in a way that encourages lifelong participation, awareness, and knowledge in shaping their


Empowering Communities for Change

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